Our story Get to know us
and our history

MCCo stands for Modern Construction Company, since the company started as an engineering and contracting company. It was established in Beirut, Lebanon and was officially initiated in 1993. Since then, the company grew and branched into multiple departments, with trading at the helm.

Some of the areas that the company began to engage in was mechanical works, oil & gas and civil projects such as schools and hospitals. The company had accomplished more than 65 thriving projects, and that accumulative experience was brought into our work in trading.

Now that trading in sanitary ware has become the main focus of the company, MCCo persists on providing the best services for its clients. The company is growing steadily, and has established a strong foundation and reputation in the Lebanese sanitary ware market.

MCCo strives for quality, so we built a strong relationship and partnership with Cisal and Huber in Italy with the finest quality in sanitary ware.

Our ultimate goal is to maintain our developing focus on our trade and attain the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Moreover, we aim to uphold our high quality, experience, confidence and good services.